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Why having travel vaccinations is important ? Travel vaccinations in Teddington

Why is it important to Book your travel vaccines? Travel vaccinations is not normally the first thing on our mind when we plan for an exciting journey abroad, especially to new and exotic places. However, travel vaccines should be one of the first things on our to do list as some vaccines need up to 8 weeks for them to be administered and to become effective. The Kirby Chemist & Travel Clinic in Teddington offers a comprehensive travel clinic service with walk in and same day appointments,

Flu jabs in Teddington. Why is it important to have flu jabs?

Where can you get your flu jabs in Teddington? Your local pharmacy and your GP are the two most convenient places to get your flu jabs. Kirby Chemist in Teddington offers walk in flu jabs service, meaning there is no need for an appointment. Kirby Chemist offers free flu jabs service and also private flu jabs if you are not eligible for the NHS flu jab service. What is flu? Flu also known as Influenza is a viral infection that mainly affects the respiratory system. Flu is normally unpleasan

Yellow Fever Vaccination in Teddington

What is yellow fever? Yellow fever is a disease that is spread through mosquito bites and is caused by a virus. In some people it can develop into serious illness and may even cause death. Yellow fever is found only in parts of Central and South America and Sub-Saharan Africa and parts of the Caribbean. Yellow fever vaccinations can only be given at designated centres and Kirby Chemist & Travel Clinic in Teddington is a designated yellow fever centre. Call the team today on 020 8977 5